Faith in the times of trails: Believing God for the unbelievable

Good morning and Praise the Lord.
Bible says let everything that has breath Praise God!

Hey Luvs, so I am coming this morning to talk about a topic we all know very well about. Faith in the times of trails! I hope it encourages someone to hang on to God!

As I said in earlier posts I am a young lady who God has been with since before I was ever imagined. The enemy tried it from when I was in my mothers womb. My life has just been by the Grace of God and to God I give all the Glory. There are some people that face bigger trials and tribulations than others due to a number of reasons but through it all I have learnt to trust in Jesus. know God is funny. He took me through a wilderness where I had to come to the place of saying "it's God or nothing". I had to choose between believing and having faith when there was no possible way out or wallowing in self pity or even death. But praise be to God who will never allow me to be tested beyond what I can bear (1 Corinthians 10:13).

I have been in a place where I did not have a penny to eat,to pay bills,rejected,abandoned,frustrated and so on. You see human love is temporal and it is the nature of the arm of flesh to fail (Jeremiah 17:5) so we cannot put our trust and faith in man. So I can totally relate to those of you who just want to give up. But I am here to tell you DON'T! I know what it is to cry yourself to sleep, to think and think beyond thinking! To worry, to be ashamed, to have nothing. But I am here to remind you that God is with you and has been with you all the way. He is never to late but always on time.

We must believe that God is with us riding in that storm and is making a way out. We must believe that He has the Power to overcome any situation you are facing. We need to be confident that all things are working out for our good. We need to believe that He is the Alpha and Omega, the Great and Mighty God, the Mighty one in battle. But when we are in these trials we tend to forget that God is loving and will provide a way out (I have been there before).

But we must have faith- the assurance of things we expect and convinces us of the existence of things we cannot see (Hebrews 11:1). Look at what the word is saying--the word assurance means "promise,pledge,guarantee and a vow" of what WE are expecting from God. My G.O always says "God is too faithful to fail". His word does not return to Him unacompished therefore your expectations from Him will be met. 

However even if God does not answer the way we expect Him to it does not mean He is not answering you! He is still making a way in that terrible situation. Sometimes He is waiting on your mindset to change, for your faith level in Him to increase, for you to take yourself away from certain things.

 Let us not forget that He gave us a measure of free will and will never infringe on that so He at times waits for us. Sometimes our trials are for our growth in Him.

We need to move from thinking about ourselves to the bigger picture. God created us to use us on this earth for His plan and Glory. If we do not experience certain things how can we empathise or authentically minister to certain people. For example I know what it is to be very sick with complex illnesses that can only be "managed and the symptoms that come with it". 

I know what it is to be so broke you don't know where your next meal is coming from. I know what it is to be abandoned by friends family etc. I know what it is to be highly frustrated yet have to carry on like normal. I know how it feels to feel like you are almost loosing your mind or the whole world is caving into you! 

But because I know how this pain feels I am in a better position to reach out to those going through the same thing and spread the message of hope! I can share my testimony with you and by this we overcome the enemy (Revelations 12:11). We must believe, trust and hang onto God in the most painful and excruciating times. God never promised for our journey in life to be easy however He did promise to be with us each and every step of the way. He even sent Jesus to live and die as an atonement for sin so that we can no longer stand accused! What more can you ask for from a Kind and Loving Father?! 

Children of God, we must BELIEVE -(accept without proof) that He is with you. Through the changing scenes of life God does not change. If we lack faith we are discrediting what Jesus did on the cross and the power of the Blood. If we give up now who else will help us through our times?

Think about it, why would he waste time creating and planning your whole history only to leave you in your time of need? Why would he alow the enemy to steal away His handiwork? Never!  We cannot give victory to the enemy. It's high time we stood steady in the Lord and snatch lives back to Christ.

So if there is anyone out there who is down, depressed or in dispare my word to you is to have faith and trust God! Don't give up He is able. With faith as small as a mustard seed:

The smallest of seeds you are able to tell ANY MOUNTAIN,TROUBLE,FRUSTRATION to move and get out of your way and it will! Use the power of spoken word alongside your faith and see if God will not move for you!

I pray you have been blessed by this today.

Remain blessed and Highly Favoured

All things pink and pretty x

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