Introduction: God loves me and my pink!

Hi Guys,

Welcome, welcome, welcome! (Philippians 4:21)

So my name is Elaine. I am a woman on fire for God and I love the colour pink. A Deborah in my generation! I have been inspired by so many women of God and thought I would add my own two pence to those who are sharing daily inspirations about the Word of God!.

I am new to this ''blogging'' ''thing'' so please bear with me. My aim on this blog is to share my experiences of my Christian journey as well as share with you revelations that God has given me about His word! It is so important that as believers we have know the word of God for ourselves and allow the Holy Spirit to minister to us what God has said and what He is about to do. I want to be able by the Holy spirit inspire and encourage others to pursue God and His word. For others to become the best at what God wants them to be. For others to understand the Goodness of God and His faithfulness that is ever more.  I am a young lady who God has been with since I was in my mothers womb (Jeremiah 1:5) and to His Glory I stand today as a testimony of the Goodness of God!

I hope and pray you are blessed by the inspirations the Holy spirit gives to me as I read his word as well as practical life lessons I have learnt and still learning on my journey!

Remain blessed and Highly Favoured!

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Disclaimer: I am not an Ordained minister or a Pastor or a prophetess. I am a daughter of Zion encouraging others to pursue God.

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