Life issues: God when will it be my turn?

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Welcome to the month of December! Jesus is the reason for the season so we must rejoice in this time! I hope you have been blessed so far. You can always email/write to me for any topics you may want me to share or answer!

Today I'm going to talk about life issues. I will be starting a series about this looking at the reality of things and how we can overcome them.

God when will it be my turn? This is a question that a lot of people ask me myself included. When we are children we tend to ponder on life and plan when we think we will attain certain goals at particular ages/times such as education, marriage, financial prosperity, a mortgage, children, so on and do forth.

Then boom *LIFE* happens and all these plans and timings we have suddenly become no more. When I say life, I mean the reality of our journey through it. At this point we are often in dispare or angry that things have not worked out for us and it appears that other people (especially non believers) are prospering.

But I have come to tell you DONT dispare. Don't fret, don't worry God has got you and He is making sure things work out for you. It will come to your turn. You see Children of God, there is a time for everything under the sun  (Ecclesiasties 3). When God created us He planned for His children  (Romans 8:29). In that plan was everything we NEED (pay attention to need) and when He feels that we will best handle it.

Someone may be praying to get married because all the other sisters are or you believe age is not on your side.  You are highly frustrated because the right man has not come along yet. But God has a timing for when you will get married. He knows you better than you know yourself after all He created you and put that very character/ nature in you!

For all you know if you marry at a certain age/time that would be the end of you as well as your spouse as you may not be mature to handle the responsibility of marriage. I for one am a testimony of that. I wanted to marry at a certain age with everything planned out. After certain experiences I thank God I never married the time I wanted I would have destroyed myself. At the time I was upset with God thinking why would He not make a way the time I wanted it, but now upon reflection I thank Him that he never did! I was way to immature and my mindset was wrong! I had to grow up!

You ask do I not desire it? Of course...everyone around me is settling down. Infact people look at me and wonder why I am the way I am. However what they don't realise is I am trusting God's timing. I know in His time everything will be made perfect (Ecclesiasties 3:11). I don't want to suffer unnecessarily or prematurely. I have come to recognise/ understand that everyone/ everything has its own time. Every body on this earth does not germinate their blessings at the same time.

We often use the statement " God will give me the desires of my heart"  expecting to blackmail God into doing it at your time. However we have to remember a few key things, first it is God we are dealing with (who works in His own time and His own Infinite wisdom). Secondly it is a desire that He has already placed in you and yes He said if you ask He will give you. However we need to remember that He works in times and seasons. If you study the ways of God according to His word you will better understand His reasons.

That notwithstanding, we can miss this season if we are not alert enough to know that we are in it (we will talk about this in a later blog).

Bible promises that those who put their trust in God He will never put them to shame/ let them down (Psalm 25:3). It will be your turn very very soon! Brethren we need to come to the place where we wait and trust in God for things we desire. We need not to focus on other people or how they are progressing. Though something may tarry it shall surely come to pass says the Lord (Habbakuk 2:3).

God's timing is different from man's. Do you think God does not have the ability to give you something so wonderful even more than those you look at ? A lot of believer's these days look at unbelievers and say they are prospering and your not.  But where are they prospering to? We need to make heaven! There are "blessings" that are only temporary. But the blessings from God are everlasting and adds no sorrow! There is a certain Joy the Presence for God will give you if you are content in Him and trusting of His timing. Be still and know He is God.

If only you knew the price of walking out of line with God's timing you would not dare to try it. I have witnessed so many people who have gone ahead of God in the name of competition, impatience and tiredness that they end up depressed and suicidal because they are highly frustrated. If only they had waited and trusted God! Some even stay in those circumstances afraid of criticism or what would happen and for various reasons and slowly die inside. But if you find yourself in this situation ask God for Grace.

God knows His children and knows the nature of man. He sees your pain and frustrations and is working things out for your good! Don't worry or be anxious about anything but in everything pray (Phillipians 4:6-7).

He is not an unjust God to create you and forget the plan He made for you. I want to encourage someone that soon your turn will come! Hang onto God, keep praying,fasting and hoping. Keep your faith level so high that even if you enter the clouds in the sky you can't reach it. God is so faithful and He will do it for you. You have not been forgotten NEVER!

I pray this has blessed someone today.

Remain blessed and highly favoured.

All things pink and pretty x

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