The ways of God (part 2): Finding out the Will of God

Hey Luvs,

Welcome to part 2 of what I call "the ways of God". I hope you have been blessed so far with the content of this blog!

In the previous post I talked about trusting God with your life.  Now we will look at how we can hear/obtain the plans of God for our lives. But the first and foremost thing is to walk with God. You need to have a relationship with God for you to be able to hear Him expressly. You must be able to be humble and trusting enough to surrender your life to God.

1) Through the word of God:

One of the ways to identify the will of God for your life is through the scriptures. Here are some examples:
Jeremiah 29:11: He knows the plans He has for you. Plans to prosper you.
Proverbs 3: 5-6: Trust in the Lord and commit all your ways to Him and He will make your paths straight.

God wants to prosper you in all you do on this earth. He gives the assurance in His word that His will is for His children to live abundantly and to live well. All good and wonderful things are from the Lord (James 1:17). So the first thing to remember is that His will for you is for GOOD and not for EVIL.

Also in order for us to walk in His will we must be obedient to what He says in His word. You cannot plead the promise of God and break His principles. We attract His will for our lives faster if we remain obedient to Him.

2) Being sensitive to the Holy Spirit:

God communicates with us every single day.  Sometimes we say that He is quiet, yes He can be. But often or not we are too distracted or busy to even hear when He is talking. The Holy Spirit is able to download what God has in store for you and His Plans.

There was a time at the beginning of the year I told God I needed something before the next year. I had tried to arrange things to make sure I get this thing. But my ways all failed! Then I heard God tell me " Behold my child can you not see I am doing a new thing", then boom! A way that very day for what I wanted to come to pass that superceded my own plans before the end of the year! Tell me is God not Good! (I will testify with pictures soon!)

If I was so preoccupied with other things or the issues of life I would have missed this opportunity and continue to do things my own way and be frustrated in the process. God has so many communication methods. He can talk to you through signs/songs/dreams/visions/encounters. But we must be sensitive enough to hear when He is speaking to us and be able to appropriatley/carefully interpret what He is saying.

 If you have any atom of doubt look at the word, your current situation, talk to others and ask God for further clarification.  I used to ask God to speak to me in the way I will understand/to my understanding. You would be so surprised how God will speak to you...God knows I love makeup lol so once he described something very important to me by using what I liked! Think about it He is a Creator with a very creative and distinctive mind.

3) Seek Godly counsel :

Not all good counsel is GODLY counsel. But one of the ways to identify God's will is through Godly counsel. If you believe that something is the will of God for you it is wise to also seek counsel. Proverbs 11:14 says "where there is no counsel the people fall: in the multitude of counselors there is saftey". Bible talks about getting knowledge and wisdom and if you have Godly advisors who are full of wisdom they will be able to help you identify/discern God's will.

4) Praying & Fasting:

I cannot talk enough about praying. It is the way we communicate with God and tounge speaking is a profound way  to speak with God. If you are not already baptised with the Holy Spirit pray about it and ask God to impact you with It and He will.

When you pray in tounge's you are speaking in a heavenly language and the Holy Spirit is interceeding on your behalf making petitions to God. The more you pray the sharper your gifting will be and the more there is more of a possibility that you will hear His will for your life through the Holy Spirit who lives in you. When you pray,use the word of God test God with His word,see if He will not fulfill His promises.

Fasting is also another way to hear God's voice for His will. When you fast and purposely pray towards a desire/plan and you put your body through mortification (death of the flesh) you put yourself in the position where you are more able hear Him. This is because you would have by the Grace of God put to death fleshly desires and place yourself in the position where you are able to listen without distraction.  There is a difference between hearing and listening. When you are listening you are more focused to what you are focusing on.

5) Not limiting God to your understanding;

This is something  I have recently come across when God dealt with me about the way I see Him. We must come to the place where we do not put God in our own little box and believe He works that way.

In a certain season you may believe God will do something through a certain way. But this may not always be the case. We need to closely examin ourselves and how God is working around us at that time. There is always "hint" of what God plans to do at certain times, but we must not limit Him and believe He cannot or believe it may come in a certain way. You will be surprised how He will shock you!

I pray that we will all come to the place where we can discern Gods plans for us and accept them!

I hope you have been blessed by this tonight.

Remain Highly Favoured

All things pink and preety x

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Disclaimer: I am not an Ordained minister or a Pastor or a prophetess. I am a daughter of Zion encouraging others to pursue God.

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