Life lessons: LET IT GO!

Hey Luvs,

I hope you are all basking in the Glory of God. His Glory is all over you! You are the light of the world, a city set on a hill, you cannot be hidden! This message is for someone out there today:

There have  been so many times where I have found myself in the position where I simply cannot let go. I cannot let go because I am afraid of what I perceive to loose and of the unknown. Can I get someone to testify to this?
There are so many of you out there that are hanging onto dead situations that does not bring any form of edification to your soul or life. I'm also sure you have been in that place where God has shown you so many times to leave...but you just keep hanging on.

It all goes back to trusting the Lord. He is the pace setter/in charge of how our destiny goes. Sometimes we tolerate certain people, circumstances, afflictions and pains when there is no need to. We need to understand that when all the signs are saying GO we must GO! Everything will always work out for your good, you will NEVER be left destitute.

Don't hold back what you could have. You may think that by letting go you will loose something that appears great, but in this illusion you will short change yourself. But as a Child of God YOU NEVER LOOSE. Put it into prayer, God is more than able to answer you. But pay attention to how He answers (through dreams, physical manifestations, common sense situations, ''intuition'', ministration of the Holy Spirit). Don't ignore what God is saying to you about your situation, be confident that He will provide a way out and a way of endurance! Don't be afraid of the pain in letting go...this will become your testimony and will Glorify God.

Children of God, don't hold back on something that will hinder you from moving on to your next season in life, you will only regret it soon to come.

I pray this has blessed and touched someone today
Always trust in the Lord!

Remain blessed and highly favoured

All things pink & pretty X

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