Life Lessons: The Reward of Obedience - (with my own experience)

Hey Luvs,
James 1:22- Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says!

Welcome to the month of December! The year is coming to an end very shortly and I am confident that He Who has been doing good works in you and through you Is Faithful to complete it!

Today we are continuing our series of life lessons, but we are going to look at the reward of being obedient whilst waiting for God to answer our prayer's/requests.

We have all been in that place where we become very frustrated with perceived lack of answers to prayers. Note I used the word ''perceived'' because God hears our prayers and answers them according to His Will (1 John 5:14) When it feels that God has abandoned us our He has forgotten our prayers. We then resort to singing or praying ''pass me not Oh Gentle Saviour, hear my humble cry. Whilst others are calling please do not pass me by''. I know this well because I have sang this multiple times in very difficult circumstances where I simply felt alone or prayers not answered.

There have been times where I have been so frustrated with waiting for a prayer to be answered that I simply went against what God said would be good for me, thinking I could force the hand of God into that situation. I was in such a rush to get married that I thought I could disobey God, go against His principles, then receive His blessings.

  For example, the bible talks about not being unequally yoked with unbelievers (2 Corinthians 6:14) . I found myself in a relationship (leading to marriage or so I thought) that simply discredited the above scripture. I followed someone who had a completely different theological belief to myself and expected it to work. We would often fight and argue about our different beliefs then think we could merge them together. Well NO I was terribly wrong. You see if you are a child of God, it will be very difficult for you to live against His word and prosper, don't take the Grace of God for granted. Marriage is very much spiritual as it is physical! However this is different if it is done in ignorance, but when you get to the knowledge do what is right!

There is always a reason as to why God will say such to His children, remember He is a Good and Kind God who does not wish evil on us. Bible also says 'WIVES submit yourselves onto your husband as fitting in the Lord'. I was not his wife and found myself submitting to his every word. I was completely disobedient to Gods word in this area and had the nerve to believe that God will bless me in it! But I thank God for Grace and for fresh revelation about His word.  A lot of women do this in error and suffer unnecessarily.

God gave me the Grace to walk away trusting that He has something much better in store for me. I had to believe that what His word says is true and He will answer my request in His own perfect time. I had to be confident in knowing that my life was in His hands and he will take care of me. I had to bring myself to the place that I was working towards complete obedience. Yes there are times that I have fallen short, however His Grace is always sufficient and I strive never to go back to that place again. I also had to come to the understanding that He had a plan for me and if I obeyed His word that plan will soon manifest itself, because there is blessing in obedience.

In most circumstances we are often tempted to go against what the word of God says or simply rebel out of frustration. At times we also go against His word in ignorance. But what we forget is that there are consequences to such behaviour which we induce on ourselves. If we simply exercise patience and obedience to His Word He will open doors that no man can ever shut! I unfortunately had to suffer the consequences of being disobedient such as a broken heart...lost time and so on. But I got over it...picked myself up and turned my face to my God and told Him I would  not leave Him until He blessed me.

When we talk of obedience to God we mean- the active doing of surrendering, hearing, trusting and submitting to His Word.

So then we ask...what are the rewards of being obedient?

1) God will bless you beyond blessing and make you prosper- Deuteronomy 28:1 ''if you fully obey the Lord your God and carefully follow all his commandments, the Lord God will set you above all the nations and the earth''. Your basket of blessings will overflow to the point that your enemies will see you and repent! These blessings will also extend to each and every one of your generations (further scriptures -Deuteronomy 5:13; 1 Kings 2:3; Psalms 128:1; Deuteronomy 12:28; 2 Chronicles 26:5; Proverbs 3: 1-6; Proverbs 16:7).

2) God will answer your prayers- 1 John 3: 21-22 ''dear friends, if our hearts do not condemn us, we have confidence before God and receive from Him anything we ask because we keep His commands and do what pleases Him''. Is this not what we have been longing for? He says that His promises are yes and amen, therefore consider your prayer answered (further scriptures- Exodus 9:15; Matthew 6:33).

3) You will not unnecessarily suffer- many times we go through needless pain because of our disobedience, however when we walk according to the work of God we eliminate the risk of hardship, suffering and pain. This is because when He blesses you He adds no sorrow to it ( Proverbs 10:22).

4) He will protect you- He promises that as you are obedient to Him He will protect you from all evil and harm (Ecclesiastes 8:5). He also promises to make your enemies His enemies and oppose those who oppose you (Exodus 23:22). How awesome it will be to have the Almighty One, The Mighty Warrior who is Great in battle on your side! (further scriptures-John 10:27-29).

5) Your salvation is assured- brethren this is the most important of them all. We need to make heaven and one of the ways is through obedience, and when we say obedience is the actual doing of this rather than just the knowledge (further reading-Colossians 3:3; 1 John 3:24) .

Children of God, let us come to that place where we can resist the devil and he will flee (James 4:7), don't allow the enemy to tempt you in your inpatience. Do not give him room for that, it is not worth it (I am talking from experience). He will simply wait for you to fall and laugh! But God forbid! Ask the Holy Spirit to help you.  Let us work towards being fully obedient to Gods word. My example above was just one of the ways I have been disobedient to God which I am sure a lot of people can relate with (so no judgement hahaha!). But in all of this God is very Merciful and Rich in His Loving Kindness.

I hope you have been blessed

Remain blessed and Highly favoured

All things pink & pretty x

Disclaimer: This is not to ear bash those who find themselves in this situation (marrying an unbeliever) but rather to encourage those on the way to and lead them rightly. If you find yourself in this situation pray to God for Grace and He will lead you. This is merely my own experience/thoughts.

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