Not EVERYTHING is spiritual...........

Hey Luvs,

Not EVERYTHING is spiritual!
Yes I said it...don't shoot me before you read below, this is a ''tough love message''.

I am a Christian woman sold out for Christ, and a believer in the spiritual realm and its functions. However not everything that happens to us is a result of ''spirits''.

So what am I even on about?

There are times were we have been in situations that did not favour us or we didn't like the outcome. Most times we blame it on the devil saying that he made the situation happen. But we forget that we are human beings who make mistakes/choices.

One of the biggest ways a person can repel their blessings is through their character. If you have a bad character or others perceive that your persona is not good you will chase many opportunities away. Often I have seen people miss opportunities because they spoke badly, behaved proudly or belittled someone/something because they felt it was not of any value. This has absolutely nothing to do with the devil but how you are! But what the enemy will do is utilise that very bad character against you, he will monopolise every opportunity for it to stand out to ensure you do not get to where God has called you to be.

Bible tells us that we should desire to have a good name as it is greater than riches and that favour is better than silver or gold (Proverbs 22:1). God is very Wise so when He says such He knows why and how it will benefit His children. In Acts 16 (1-6) when Apostle Paul went to Derbe and Lystra he met Timothy, and he received good reports about him and from there wanted Timothy to work alongside him and the Kingdom of God was enhanced.

When you display good character you automatically attract favour, this is because people can see this within you, they are able to distinguish you from others. They know that they can entrust anything to you and you will not misuse or abuse it through bad character. Bad character has the ability to destroy, delay and distract. We need to come to the place where we understand our role in the way we move forward in life. We need to shift the mentality of 'it was the work of the devil' to accepting where we have gone wrong and work on ourselves. One of the biggest mistakes you will ever make is to live in ignorance of who you truly are.

It will not cost anything to self assess and see where our faults lie and change them. We shouldn't wait for the enemy to use what we have cultivated against us and be praying needless prayers when the energy can be used for other prayer points. For example you apply for a job, someone who knows your character tells the boss about you and you don't get the job. If you start praying about the job and against the person without analysing yourself you are wasting your time. God gave us free will and often asks His children to 'choose' in the bible, meaning you have a choice or an option as to how you will behave.

We are not so holy that we are above character flaws or correction. We must humble ourselves and change what we are able to. This way you will limit the amount of arrows the enemy will throw towards your way. Don't give him something to use. Let us all look and closely examine our ways, remember there is a way which seems right to man but it only leads to death ( Proverbs14:12).

Remember we are all working towards being the best at what God has called us to be with His Grace!

I hope you have been blessed

Remain blessed and highly favoured.

All things pink & pretty x

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