Remember The Faithfulness of God

Hey Luvs,

I trust you are all doing well. Seasons Greetings. This is my favourite time of the year, I love the atmosphere and the joy that people associate with Christmas.

I met up with an aunt of mine yesterday and we had a long catch up. During the chat we discussed how life has been up until now. She said something that just got me to remember my life from Genesis! "IF IT HAD NOT BEEN THE LORD ON OUR SIDE ELAINE".

My Luvs indeed if it had not been God where would we be? It was never in God's plan for evil to consume the earth like it did, but Praise be to God who has been with us thus far and who provided an atonement for sin. We always need to reflect on our lives and remember the Faithfulness of our God.

So what is it to be faithful? It means to be loyal,devoted,committed,dependant, reliable,trustworthy,steadfast, truth,just and fair. This sums up God totally!

When I looked back I was in awe of what God has done for me and how far He has brought me. From conception He has been with me and also you. Despite everything that has happened we are still standing and going on purely because of His Grace. There is a song I love to sing that my dad taught me.."where would I be, you only know, I am glad you see through eyes of love. A hopeless case, an empty place if not for Grace." Wow indeed I am sure some of you can testify to this song.

It was awsome just to take that time out to remember what He has done and because of that I will never ever go back. My life is simply by the Grace of God and it demonstrates His love for me.

Not only am I eternally grateful to God for His Faithfulness in my life but I am endebted to Him. I cannot repay Him for all He has done, I am sure you can testify to this. I talk passionately about God because I know where I am coming from and what He has seen me through and delivered me from. No one is above affliction but it is just the Mercy of God. Don't focus on what the enemy has done or taken...God is more than Able to replace the years the locust has eaten! Look at how He restored Job!

I want someone today to reflect and remember how far God has brought you. By doing this you eliminate the possibility of ingratitude and ungratefulness. We need to give God some crazy Praise and Adoration for His Faithfulness in our lives. The enemy tried it but God Almighty Who sits on the throne had and has already won the battle.


I pray you have been blessed

All things pink and pretty x

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