Life lessons: The pruning Process (Part 1)

Hey Luvs,

I pray you are all well. Welcome again to the month of January and the year that we will see the full Glory of God!

Today we will be looking at a topic that we all may have passed through or are going through what I call the "pruning process". To be pruned means to have cut away dead things in order to facilitate new growth.

What I mean by this is the process in which God takes us through in order for us to become what He has called us to be. It is a process that can be quite lonely, painful, sorrowful, uncertain and most definitely confusing. But as gold has to go through the fire to be refined likewise we have to go through a process in order to come out glorious. This experience is necessary for our spiritual growth and development. God will not rest until He achieves what He has purposed for you and through you. The picture is bigger than what we can conceive as this is the Body of Christ.

I personally have experienced a lot of things and my pruning process has not been straight forward. Believe me when I say this, a pruning process does not simply apply to one specific aspect of your life there could be multiple areas that need developing. You may find that as you journey through life you will experience a variety of things which may not be pleasant however it will be for your perfection. A friend of mine reminded me of a scripture when I was going through a pruning process. Hebrews 5:8-10. This talked about how despite Jesus being a Son, through His sufferings he learnt obedience and once He was made perfect He was designated by God to become a High Priest!

To have such a title with responsibility is not an easy task, God had to take Jesus through an experience in order for Him to learn obedience as well as walking with people. The Ministry of Jesus Christ is one of the most vital ministries in the Kingdom of Heaven, therefore He had to learn certain things to become who he was. For all you know you are called into a ministry that requires certain wisdom,experience,expertise and knowledge which you will only experience by going through a pruning process!

Back to Hebrews 5:8-10-this says to me that there is a reason for the pruning! We need to experience some sufferings that will take us to our next level. We need to allow God to break us, mould us and fill us anew! This is nothing strange or mystic but simply in God's plan for you. God knows His people and He knows that the flesh will fail and we can be disobedient that is why He will take us through a process where He needs to cut certain things off and enable us to learn new things.  You may be in your pruning process but don't despise it, this will be the making and never the breaking of you!

It is important to recognise when you are in your pruning process as you do not want to terminate it before its time nor would you want to prolong it without learning what you are supposed to. This season is vital for your growth as it will enable you to grow more. You cannot fight your pruning process if you attempt to cut it off it will only reappear at a later date which may be more costly. Allow God to do what He wants to do. If I knew I would be where I am now there are MANY things I would have never done, but I thank God for Grace. The pruning experiences I have had have often been very difficult and uncomfortable but all in all God was with me each and every step of the way. There were times I gave up, resented God, questioned God, was angry about the situation but God was always Faithful in my unfaithfulness. 

You see whether I liked it or not God has to do what He wants to do with me as long as my name is written in His palm. He will do the same with you. When His hand is upon you He will have to perfect you like He did Jesus. If you find yourself in this season pray for Grace and endurance for God to carry you through.

I pray you have been blessed!
Remain Blessed and highly favoured
All things pink and pretty x

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