Life Lessons: The Pruning Process (Part 2)

Hey Luvs,

I pray you are all basking in God's Glory. Today we will be looking at:

Why do I have to go through the pruning process?

It is a question that many of us who recognise this process ask. For those who don't, you often ask God what is happening in this season? Why do I have to experience these things? Why am I facing all these challenges? Like I said in the previous blog the pruning process is for our good. So that the full Glory of God will be seen in our lives! Let us look at an exposition on Joseph. Joseph is a prime example of the "pruning process" and how God navigates our experiences to bring out the best in us.

The story of Joseph begins in Genesis 37 and we will be looking at it until 47. Please refer to your bible for the full story (this will encourage self bible study haha!). Joseph was subject to jealousy and rejection from his brothers and found himself in a strange land where he faced further troubles. Joseph was highly loved and thought of by his earthly father which unfortunately attracted unnecessary attention. However this only propelled his destiny!

When we look at Joseph we look at certain points:

  • From before time began God had anointed Joseph and had given him a unique gift that would save His people. Remember I said that we are called for the Body of Christ, to do something in His Kingdom for the advancement of the gospel. The gift/anointing is not just for us but for others too. God had already predestined Joseph for such a time as that to deliver his people and He knew just how to do so! 
  • Joseph had to be separated- Sometimes we have to be separated from certain environments/people in order for God's plan to be accomplished. Note that in the story the family were reunited and restored. Sometimes this seperation is for a season because God knows if He leaves you with those people you may not fulfill destiny or they may cut you off your course which will affect His plan. 
  • Joseph allowed God to use him and trusted the process that God was taking him through.-We need to come to that place where we completely trust Him with the totality of our lives and know that in and out of season He is with us every step of the way.
  • Joseph was tempted during his process as he stood on his moral ground and the principles of God. He did not not give into potiphers wife's demands- Whilst Joseph was in his process he did not give into temptation. He did not give up and say "oh well God is watching my situation and tempting me"! He stood steadfast and did not compromise his relationship with God nor his morals. 
  • Joseph was falsely accused and waited for the judgement of God and for God to vindicate him- Despite what he went through at the hands of people he did not repay it back he waited for God to defend him. Remember God said He is our defender and the Just Judge. 
  • During the process Joseph remained faithful to God and reliable- again he did not compromise his God. Despite going through the fire he held onto God and stood on His word knowing that all things would work together for His good! 
  • When Joseph was in prison God was with him and showed him favour in the eyes of the warden- when you are in your process God has not abandoned you. You may find yourself in places where He will make men show you favour and shower you with blessings! But you must trust Him and allow the process to occur. Despite being in a harsh situation where many would be unable to cope, God still brought favour his way! 

So through his pruning process we can see that Joseph was able to learn:

  • Patience 
  • Endurance
  • Forgiveness 
  • Service
  • Leadership
  • Wisdom
  • Understanding 
  • Humility 
  • Trusting God in the midst of a storm 
  • What God had called him to do
To have lead Egypt would have taken him a lot of the above. Would he have been able to do this if he had not gone through the process? Maybe not. God had to prune him to get him ready for his high calling. God had to bring him to the place where his skills were sharp for the job, in order for excellence to exude from his practice. So that when people see Joseph they clearly see that he is a man that can lead nations. God had to prune him so that His Glory can be made manifest and through this many will also turn to him. Did his brothers not repent? Showing that your process if completed well affects those around you and we pray it is for the good! 

In the end God honored Joseph and placed him higher than his enemies why? He allowed the PROCESS! 

I pray you have been blessed by this exposition. 
Remain blessed and highly favoured 

All things pink and pretty x 

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