The Pruning Process 3: It Can Be Difficult

Hey Luvs,

How are you all? I pray you are well and enjoying all the good things God has put on this earth! Tonight we are looking at the pruning process part 3! "It can be difficult" "I don't want to be in the process".

Trust me, I have said this many times but it never changed anything. Infact the more I complained about the process the more I was processed ha! But this is very normal, it is normal to feel like you just want it to end or don't feel like being in it. Being uncomfortable is never welcomed by anyone.

But why do we not like being in the process? This is simply because it is uncomfortable,disturbing,anxiety provoking and just down right stressful. But like I said in my previous blog, it is something we have to face.  So what kind of things are we faced  with during this time?

  • Pain
  • Abandonment 
  • Jealousy 
  • Rejection
  • Isolation  
  • Uncertaincy 
  • Frustration 
  • Change 
  • Anxiety 
These are merely some of the things we are faced with during this process. This is because God is working on us weeding unnecessary things out of our lives and the process of this is not easy on our emotions/feelings. God will also allow people to come and go as part of the process be mindful of this and follow God's instruction. He knows who is meant to be with you,when and at what point. Your biggest struggle during the process will be learning about yourself and being honest about it and how other people view you.  But remember this is only temporary because at the point of restoration you will forget all those things that once made you sad. 

Look nothing great comes at a cheap price,unless you do not want to grow or impact others you will not feel like being in the process. Remember it is simply not about me and you but about the Body of CHRIST  where we fit in and how we accomplish what God has commissioned us for. This process does not end with you but has the ability to impact others. Look at me today I'm writing about it! Never ever did I think I would ever write about such a topic. This is just a prime example of the fact that we are to impact nations with what God has instilled within us. But how will we know what this is? By allowing the process. 

If you want to be great,an impact, an ambassador for Christ,a soldier in the Kingdom, a woman/man on fire for God you have to allow the process. You may have visions of where you want God to take you,but you must understand that God cannot take you somewhere you are not mentally or spiritually prepared for. He has to be able to entrust you with His people and plan and in order for that to be successfully achieved you MUST have certain experiences. He cannot give an essay to someone who cannot write!

To be of good use to the Kingdom you need to have been tried and tested, most great men and women you see have been through the process and can boldly carry out thier God given assignments. God has brought them to a place of UNDERSTANDING. We cannot desire the anointing/gifting without the sacrifice. It is never comfortable but it is very worth it. Allow God to weed out EVERYTHING that is not of Him or part of His plan. Remember He is the master planner, creator of Heaven and Earth He knows what He is doing. Imagin taking your car to the garage to be fixed then before its fixed you demand it back? The full repair has not taken place which may cause problems. Likewise God wants to repair us so that we can run our race smoothly until the end.

Remember He loves you and He wants to bring out the BEST in you!
Allow the process!

All things pink and pretty x

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