Welcome 2017: For Those Who Believe There Shall Be A Manifestation

Hey Luvs,

Welcome to 2017! I pray you are all well and have began receiving and walking in the blessings God has bestowed in 2017. I for one am grateful to see another year and I am excited as to what my Father will do for His people this year.

As I was meditating on the Word of God and what He would have me write on the blog this year, He told me that this year for His people if only they believe and whatever that is there will SURELY  be a manifestation (Luke 1:45) ! Wow, Wow and Wow! What a promise. The Lord told me that for those out there that are believing Him in 2017 for the things He has promised them there will be a performance
 Meaning there will be an"execution,completion,display,achievement,implementation and a doing!"

Listen children of God, God is set to bless His people this year. This is not for everybody as the clue is in "for those who believe". This promise are for those who are confident and expectant. It is for those who have believed Him, therefore they shall see it! But I want each and everyone to recieve this year from God. He has meant it in the heavenly calenders to bless and multiply His children  (you and I). I strongly believe within my spirit that half way through the year there will be a shift and the Children of God will experience His wonders like never before! People will see you and behold the Glory of God. They will see you and ask is this really Sister/Brother so and so! If only you believe! This year we need to exercise our Faith in Him like never before, you may have started 2017 controversially but this is not how it will end.  God is calling us to look to Him this year and by doing so we will see great and mighty things. Simply believe and the blessings are yours. Your trust in Him needs to be greater than ever before because those who have cast thier eyes upon the Lord He will never put them to shame on 2017! God has heard the cry of His people and He is about to set things that will fall in pleasant places for us! 

This is not to spice up your ears but to prepare you for the windfall of blessings that God will bestow on His Children. Prepare yourself, last year was the battle ground, there were various trials and temptations the Children of God faced, but because Jesus has already won the victory it is now the time to celebrate. I want to encourage you to not look at last year or look at what is going on now, you need to be mentally,spiritually and physically prepared for what God will blow you with this year! You do not want to become to overwhelmed with the blessings that you don't enjoy them! 2017 is the year that you will reap all you sowed because God has instructed the seeds to germinate!

Prepare yourself for God this year. Take Him and hold onto Him like never before, your smile will be unending. I want to reach out to those who have not given thier life to Christ. He is waiting for you and has loved you from ages past. He will never hold you to your past, you are a new creation in Him. He loves you yet you were in your sin, call upon Him and as you do so He will give you rest!

Beloved prepare for a bountiful 2017!

Love always
All things pink and pretty x

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