The Pruning Process: Become A Better Version Of You

Hey Luvs,

I hope you are all well. Welcome to the month of February, I believe in this month we will see the Mighty Hand of God like never before. If you believe this then it will be your portion!

God wants you to become a better version of you! Part of the pruning process that I talked about in a previous blog post is God weeding out certain people, characters and behaviours out of your life. He does this for you to be the best at what He called and ordained you to be. Infact this is the very purpose of the process, to develop you so that when you come out, you come out on top!

From when you were in your mothers womb God had a master plan, a plan of good to prosper you and to give you an expected end. He has planned how you will become victorious here on earth according to His will. When you allow the pruning process to occur you give God the chance to work on you holistically. 

When I talk of God working on us 'holistically' I mean Him working on every single aspect of our lives from our minds to our steps! He will weed out bitterness, contempt, anger, unstable emotions, jealousy, unforgiveness, instability, impatience, character complexity, insecurity, judgemental attitude, negativity, timidity, overconfidence and rudeness. He will weed out unnecessary family members, boyfriends, girlfriends, relationships, friendships and soul ties. He will weed out addictions and habits.

All these and more will NEVER lead you to where He wants you to be. Often they are developed as we grow in life as well as through experiences. However God wants us to strive to be more Christ like and He did not have any of these traits! When we are walking with these it will be very difficult to maximise your potential here on earth as they will act as stumbling blocks to your God ordained destiny. How will you be able to function with all of this baggage? God knows us better than ourselves and He knows at which point and when to weed these traits/people out of our lives.

We need to allow God to remove these traits/people out of the way if we wish
to succeed. It may not be an easy experience doing so but it will be worth it. Any form of character development is never easy, one of the most difficult things to do is to change something in a human being that is well established. It is also very difficult to separate ourselves from people we have built attachments with (been there and done that ha!) but we must trust the process and trust God. We need to give Him that free space to work so we become our utmost best. Imagine you are filled with will NEVER see good in anything which will hinder you receiving anything good. This will ultimately keep you in that state and you will not enjoy the life you would like to.

Galatians 5: 19-23 talks about the fruits of the spirit being love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,gentleness and self-control. We are spirit beings in a flesh and we need to operate by the spirit. The fruits outlined above are a physical manifestation of a transformed Christian life. God wants to work on us so that we are transformed and matured in Him to carry out His mandate on earth and experience His Glory. Those who are led by His Spirit are called his children(Romans 8:14). The Holy Spirit is not an author of confusion nor will He dwell in the midst of people who operate in the flesh, He is to Sovereign for that! We need the Holy Spirit daily to guide us and to operate within us so that we become better Christians here on earth! God left His Spirit here on earth for us and in order to maximise Him we have to cut off certain traits.

We need to grow, we cannot stay the same as before, we need to become the better versions of ourselves! You may have experienced certain things that birthed the above traits/relationships but God is telling you that He wants to deliver you from them. He wants to take you through a process that will allow Him to remove them. I'm sure if God could just tell us verbally to change certain things in our lives and was confident we would immediately do so He would never take us through a process. But man being man we are stubborn and sometimes defiant so God has to take us through a process so that we grow.
You are called to something greater and you need to be able to handle that greatness. You have so much to give to this world and God has invested too much into you. You need to give yourself the opportunity to experience walking in Gods wonderful and perfect plan for yourself. You owe it to yourself to allow God to work on you so that you can impact others around you. Not just in the church but in your homes, community and worldwide. Don't limit yourself to how much God will use you, that's His concern. Rather focus on how you can become better so that you can walk in high places!

Allow God to prune you and cut away all dead and unnecessary traits/friendships so that you can become the better version of you!

I pray you have been blessed
Remain Favoured!

All Things Pink & Pretty X

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