The Pruning Process: Positioned Into Purpose

Hey Luvs,

I pray you are all well and standing strong in the Lord. You are precious in the sight of God and don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise. God loves you more than you love yourself and He has planned great and mighty things for you.

Today I want to talk about purpose. Purpose is something we all have here on earth and God has destined us for something great! Purpose can be described as the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exist. When God created us He created us for and with a purpose (Ephesians 2:10;Jeremiah 29:11; Jeremiah 1:5; Habakkuk 2:3). He is the orchestrator of our destiny's and therefore knows how we will walk in our purpose and do so effectively.

To be able to effectively walk in your purpose you would have had to experience certain things. One of the most effective ways to show empathy to someone is by experiencing the thing yourself. I am not saying if you have not experienced let's say abject poverty you will not have compassion for the poor, but if you have you will have first hand experience on how it feels. There is a saying he who wears the shoes know's how best it fits! After experiencing these things we are sometimes left with residue. This residue can be good or bad  but God has a way of weeding out what is not needed. The pruning process gives God the opportunity to weed out anything that will affect the chances of you finding and walking in your purpose.

When you allow God to remove what is not meant to be with you, not only do you get rid of unnecessary baggage but it pushes you further to where God has planned for you to be. God needs to be able to cut off every branch that does not bear fruit and work on others so that it becomes more fruitful. When we look at a branch we are looking at a part of a tree that shoots out from the trunk. The trunk is the main woody stem of a tree from which the branches grow. Likewise we are a body that pour out traits/characteristics of what we have developed/experienced.

 Part of the pruning process is God strengthening the good traits you have that will be beneficial to your purpose. But sometimes in order to strengthen, you may experience some uncomfortable things in order to get the best out of that trait. Myself for example, I am a patient person by the Grace of God. However I had to experience some pretty harsh and testing things that only increased my tolerance capacity. If I did not go through what I did I probably may not have been as tolerant as I am now. I know I am called to help people with emotional problems and because of this I have faced a LOT of emotional issues. He had to weed out parts of my character that would not fit into His plan for me. God has had to break off and sharpen my branches and He continues to do so.

God is still working on me, but in order for me to walk into my calling He has had to do a LOT of work. In order for me to support people emotionally I must be emotionally sound myself! I must also be able to deal with a range of characters/people so therefore I was placed in various situations in order to develop me. He has had to cut me off people, bad habits, characters and various other things. God is very patient and I see this through the way He has worked on me. I used to be one of those people who believed the world was so nice and I never saw evil. But God had to weed that out of me, it would have only led to my destruction. There are some traits I had which I believed was good, but God has had to strengthen them. By His Grace I am a kind person, but I never used wisdom with it and it landed me in all types of trouble.

God had to bring me to the place where I use wisdom with it. Kindness is a very good trait to have but it is one of my branches which God had to prune and strengthen. If you know the calling/ministry you have you will understand why you have faced certain things. In order for you to be positioned for purpose you have to allow God to work on you and prune you.

To be positioned into your purpose effectively you have to allow the pruning process to occur. You are not simply on this earth to live and die. God has invested a lot in you and He cannot afford for you to go to waste. There are people who are connected to your purpose who also cannot afford to loose thier destiny. We are the body of Christ all connected for His good works. God cannot come down from heaven to accomplish His plan, that would be criminal of Him. He needs you and I to walk in our divine purpose so that His plan for His earth will come to pass. He needs us to depopulate the kingdom of darkness into His Marvelous Light. He needs us to spread the good news of Jesus Christ to all the corners of the earth.

Your purpose may not be "functional ministry" and when I say this I mean the 5 fold ministry, but your purpose could be within the other ministerial gifts. Such as helper, financial support, encourager and so on. God needs His purpose for your life to come to pass and one of the ways you will easily and successfully walk in that is if you allow God to prune you!

I pray you have been blessed!
Remain blessed and highly favoured

All things pink and pretty x

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